Steps to Apply for a Passport for Overseas Travel

Steps to Apply for a Passport for Overseas Travel

If you never go on a travel outside the United States and one day you plan to go on a vacation abroad, you should need to apply for a passport as a document of proof of who you are and where you from.

The very first thing that you need to do is fill out an application for a passport called Form DS-11 that is available online. Then take your passport photos no bigger than 2 inches by 2 inches size, with white background and full front view of your face from shoulder above. You need to take 2 exact same photos of this.

Then, find the Passport Acceptance Office nearby that you can look on U.S. Department of state site. You have to show your proof of U.S. citizenship and identity proof such as driving license, certified birth certificate, state ID or some sort of government or military. If you have your expired passport you can bring it instead to fulfill the passport as one of the overseas travelling requirement.

Once you have completed the documents, go to the passport Acceptance Office to submit the documents and pay for the application and execution fee to get the passport. This will take as long as six months to get your passport in hand.

Therefore, it is at best that you make your passport earlier whenever you want to travelling overseas. It is recommended that you apply for passport during September to February because less people apply for it during this term. Otherwise, you can pay additional fee and you can get your passport within two weeks to go travelling overseas.

Document Requirements to Apply for a Passport for Indonesia Citizen as below:

Document requirement below based on the official information of Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia

  1. For Indonesian citizens who are domiciled or located in the Territory of Indonesia, fill the form and attach the requirements:

a. Valid ID Cards(KTP) and still valid or resi request ID Cards(KTP);
b.The Family Card;
c.The birth certificate, a marriage certificate or the marriage book, diplomas, or letter of baptism;
d. A permit from the competent agency for who will be work overseas;
e.Letter of naturalization Indonesian for Foreigners who acquire citizenship of Indonesia, through naturalization or submission of statement to choose citizenship in accordance with the terms regulation of statute;
f.Rename determination letter from the competent authority who change the name.

2. For Indonesian citizens are living outside Indonesian territory, fill the form and attach requirements:
ID Cards local state, evidence, instructions, or description which indicates that the applicant residing in the

a. country; and
b. Old passport.

3. Replacement of Passport Requirements For Lost or Damaged :

a. Attach a letter loses passport from the local police for who is lost passport;
b. Reporting to the Monitoring and Enforcement Section of Immigration to provide information about damage or loss of passports as outlined in Berita Acara Pemeriksaan (BAP);

c. The file is concerned forwarded to the Head Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to get a decision;
d. Decision of Head Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights can be either approval or rejection or delays;
e. If the request of replacement is approved, requirements and the settlement process can be implemented as an application for a new passport.

4. Replacement of Ordinary Passport Requirements For Validity Period Expires or Because Full Page Passport, for Passport which was published since September 2008, attaching:

a. Passport;
b. Valid ID Cards(KTP) and still valid or resi request ID Cards(KTP); and
c. The Family Card.