We would like to share some popular drinks from Bali let us called Bali local drinks or we could called it as Balinese Exotic Drinks, Here are the Balinese Local Drinks, the taste is very fantastic ! Check it out below the Balinese exotic drinks:

4 Choices of Balinese Exotic Drinks

1. Arak Bali

Arak - Balinese Exotic Drinks

The number one of balinese exotic drinks is Arak, Arak is an alcohol drink fermented by coconut water and other fruits, it could be made from rice or glutinous rice through a process called ‘pentapean’.

Arak is similar with palm wine, and it contents 37-50% alcohol. In Bali, arak is kind of a drink which use for serving together with brem and palm wine on ritual ceremony.

On ritual ceremony in order to honor the god, arak will be poured on banana leaves and then arak will also be splashed to the people through the flower.

We know that the production of liquor already banned in Indonesia but in Bali, arak become one of the gift for every tourist who come to Bali.

Beside its function to be used for ritual ceremony, arak Bali is also can be a warmer to relieve itching.

2. Brem

Brem bali - Balinese Local Drinks

The second of balinese exotic drinks is brem, Brem is a Balinese drink made from glutinous rice or glutinous black rice fermented with tape yeast.

At the beginning, brem is a part of ritual ceremony in Bali, but now brem become a welcome drink for the guest or tourist or even a souvenir to bring home.

Another privilege of brem Bali is brem Bali uses natural ingredient. Sine 1976, the making process of brem didn’t use preservatives or dyes in order to keep the taste.

The tourists love brem Bali especially tourist from Japan, China, and other tourist from European countries. And then the third number is

3. Daluman Ice – Balinese Exotic Drinks

Daluman ice - Balinese local Drinks

Green grass jelly is well-known by the name ‘Daluman’ in Bali since Japan colonialism. This traditional drink contains of green grass jelly mix with coconut milk and palm sugar.

It’s very tasty to relieve the thirst in dry season. Beside its function to refresh our throat, it also useful to resolve constipation without consume any laxative. The difference between Daluman ice in Bali and another grass jelly in other place is its making process.

Daluman ice making process is still traditional or we can say that we can do the process in our house. The coconut milk obtained from roasted coconut, so the taste is very authentic and more original.

In its development, there’s an improvisation of making Daluman ice, like the syrup replacing the palm sugar and there’s another additional material to the ice.

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4. Loloh

Loloh Bali - Unique local Drinks

There’s another unique drink in Bali that people rarely know. The name is Loloh, Loloh is a traditional drink for the noble in Bali in a long time ago. In Bali, Loloh means herb, but not the bitter herb.

Loloh is very tasty and the taste is very unique because when you taste it you can feel the spicy, sour, salty, and sweet taste become one. Loloh contains of cem-cem leaves which already crushed and mixed with warm water and also cinnamon, betel leaf, other leaves, and serves with coconut water and palm sugar.

So, you know why the taste is very fantastic. You cannot easily find this kind of drink in all of the area of Bali because the most existence of Loloh is in Bangli. Why? Because this area is a source of the main ingredient of Loloh. Loloh could help the people to lowers blood pressure and it’s very good to the breastfeeding mothers.