We are going to share about a very local food from bali, let us called it as balinese tasty food. We know Bali is one of the most wonderful island in Indonesia. And to be sure Bali is one of the famous island in Indonesia. That’s why there are so many tourists from all over the world come to Bali to spend their holiday.

Beside that, Bali also has many local foods that you can choose there. You can eat the local food at restaurant, warung or rumah makan.

Warung / Rumah Makan means a small Indonesians traditional restaurant. In both you will be served traditional Indonesian food in a very simple setting.

Here are 5 local Food: Great Balinese Tasty Food

1. Betutu Chicken

Betutu Chicken - Balinese Tasty Food
Betutu Chicken – Balinese Tasty Food

Betutu chicken is Bali original cuisine from Gianyar. But people can also find Betutu chicken in any restaurants at Ubud or Denpasar easily.

Before you enjoy the deliciousness of Betutu chicken, better if you order the chicken a day before you come to the restaurant, because the making process of Betutu chicken needs more time.

The taste of Betutu chicken is very unique because the taste of Balinese spices in the chicken are very unexplainable.

The chef eviscerate the chicken and replace it with the spices and vegetables, then steamed it. Guarantee, the people who had tasted Betutu chicken will come back again and addict to it because it’s very tasty. Yes, this is the number one of balinese tasty food 🙂

2. Balinese Tasty Food – Jinggo Rice

Balinese Tasty Food, Jinggo Rice
Jinggo Rice

If you looking for a cheap food but still tasty, you can try Jinggo Rice. You can find Jinggo rice so easily in the roadside, although the portion of Jinggo rice is not much, but it can fill your stomach when you’re hungry in the middle of the night.

Jinggo rice is wrapped by banana leaf and consist of a handful of rice, grind chilli sauce, fried noodles, some shredded chicken or fish, vegetables, peanuts, and soyfood. A wrap of Jinggo rice only Rp. 2000. Yuo should try the second number of balineses tasty food.

3. Balinese Seafood Satay

Balinese Seafood Satay

This kind of satay has so many specialties. The skewer made by lemongrass stem which is add the aroma of the satay. This satay made of fish mincemeat which already seasoned and then the mincemeat is twisted to the stem.

The satay is very rich of spices and mixed with grated coconut so it’s very tasty. Beside its deliciousness, this satay also very healthy to consume because it’s made by fish, so guarantee the satay contains low fat then rich of proteins.

If you like shrimp, you can also find the satay which its mincemeat is a mix from fish and shrimp.

4. Lawar


Lawar is like a Balinese salad because it’s a mix of seasoned vegetables and mincemeat. Every people in Bali has to serves Lawar in their own house. Lawar made by vegetables, mincemeat, grated coconut, and even blood from the meat.

The name of Lawar itself could be variative, it can be Pig Lawar if they use pigmeat, Chicken Lawar, Turtle Lawar, etc. The making process of Lawar itself being a tradition for generation to generation, and it’s related to the traditional or religious ceremony in Bali.

Because of it, Bali people believes that Lawar will never be extinct or lose its prestige.

5. Jukut Ares

Jukut Ares

Jukut Ares is a dish made from young banana stem mix with bone with a little bit meat stick with it, it could be pig bone, chicken bone, cow bone. Usually Jukut Ares always be a main dish in some events, feast, wedding event, even when Galungan and Kuningan.

Jukut Ares is very famous in Bali and Lombok. Jukut Ares always served for the family and all the people who has a role in preparing the religious ceremony.

You should try Jukut Ares, because only by try Jukut Ares you can find the deliciousness of cooked young banana stem.