We are going to share some favorite tour places in Bali, you have to visit this if you will take vacation there.

The 5 Destinations of Most Favorite Tour Places in Bali

1. Tanah Lot

Favorite Tour Places in Bali - Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot located in Beraban Village (about 45 minutes from Kuta), in Tanah Lot there are two temples which located on a big rock. Tanah Lot’s temple is a temple in the middle of the beach, the place to worship the god of sea guardian.

At low tide, then the sea level is not more than our knee, we can still cross the sea and reach the temple. This place is highly recommended by every tour guide in Bali if the tourists want to see sunset, so it’s better if the people come to Tanah Lot when the sun will goes down.

2. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Monument

Garuda Wisnu Kencana - GWK

This place located in Unggasan Hills, Jimbaran. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a cultural monument park in Bali, there will be a huge Dewa Wisnu (God Vishnu) statue riding Garuda, the height of the statue could reach 150 meters, beat out the height of Liberty statue in America which only reach 120 meters.

But, ‘till now the making process of the god Vishnu statue hasn’t finished yet. If the statue is completely done, the people could see the statue clearly from Kuta, Tanah Lot, and Sanur. This statue would be an icon for Bali. This statue is a masterpiece by I Nyoman Nuarta, the famous sculptor in Bali.

3. Bedugul

Favorite Tour Places - Bedugul Ulundanu Bratan Temple

This place offers a beautiful natural scenery in mountain areas and lake, located at an altitude of 1240 meters above sea level. In Bedugul, there’s a Bedugul Botanical Garden as protected forest in Bali, this place is always cold and foggy. Another tour object in Bedugul is Beratan lake.

The people could rent the boat to ride around the lake. In the middle of the lake, there’s a temple called Ulun Danu temple, a place to worship Sang Hyang Dewi Danu as a giver of prosperity.

4. Sangeh – Favorite Tour Places

Sangeh-famous monkey tour object in Bali

Sangeh is one of the famous monkey tour object in Bali which located in Sangeh Village, about less or more than 45 minutes from Denpasar. Sangeh is also a protected forest which has 14 hectares area and about 700 grey monkeys (Macaca faciculais) live inside of it.

There are some rules before you enter this area, you have to dress properly, be careful and watch your luggage. In the past time, the monkey in Sangeh is very famous because they were very wild and always take visitor’s thing from their pocket. But now, the monkey is not very wild anymore because they are well taken care of.

5. Sukowati Traditional Art Market

Sukowati Traditional Art Market

This market is the most famous traditional market in Bali which located in Gianyar. There are so many merchants who sells Batik clothes with Bali ornament, traditional craft, Balinese pants, traditional necklace, bracelet, and other things that you can buy as a souvenir with friendly price even you can still bargain about the price with the merchants.

There’s a little secret for you, the fix price in Sukowati market is 1/3 of the price offered by the seller. Better if you come to the market in the morning because Bali people believe that if they just open their store in the morning and then in couple minutes they’ve got the buyer, then it will bring luck for them.

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All of favorite tour places in Bali is our recommended, And we think there are many beautiful places in Bali that we couldn’t writer all here.