The Go Green Campaign on Your Travelling Plan

Go green campaign can be conducted along with the activities in your life. The essence of conducting a go green campaign is share the ides to keep environment safe through the daily habits. Travelling can also be away to promote the go green campaign. The essence of green travelling lies on the ideas of sharing the experience with others and how you determine your options to use the environmental friendly facilities.

Go Green Campaign on Your Travelling Plan

Eco tourism is one of the parts of green travelling. It puts the concern on ecological conservation and covers places with abundance of flora, fauna, and places of cultural heritage. Whenever you want to conduct a green travelling, remember its two important ideas, making an environmental friendly preparation, and share the ideas to neighbors and friends.

First, conduct your preparation through a very light luggage. Switch off the electronic devices at home if you plan to go for a longer period. Don’t forget to clean the fridge before switching it off. You can also ask your friends’ help to take care of your plants when you are away.

Next, on your travelling destination, use the hybrid car running on ethanol gasoline to go around the city. If you want to use public transportation, try travelling by electric driven trains whenever possible. You can choose to stay on green hotel that offers convenience and affordable rates. You can find it online by yourself, or ask your travel agent to do the reservation. Happy go green travelling.