See the Beauty of Bristol by Taking a Minibus Tour


There are many ways to spend your holiday and capture the beauty of your holiday destination. You can take a tour together to places that are arranged by your travel agents, or you can also take a trip by yourself.

Each choice has its own advantage. Having a tour with a tour guide, you can have the right person to ask to utter your question on your particular interest about the tourist destination that you visit.

The latter choice gives you the experience to discover new things about the place that you visit and let it surprises you with its own charm.

Travelling in Bristol, it is suggested that you take a minibus to take you to the tourist destination. The trip by minibus gives you chance to capture the visual beauty of places that you pass. You can take a minibus to pass on Clifton suspension bridge.

It is a bridge built on 1836, and has over 700 feet long break and stands over 250 feet across the Avon Gorge between Clifton and lay words. It has a must see spectacular view to enrich your travelling experience.

Next, you can go back to the minibus and go to the Bristol zoo Gardens. It is designed to be compact while still giving you a chance to see many different animals without getting blisters all over your feet. Once you have visited the zoo, you may go around travelling to see the hidden beauty that Bristol city offers.